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Selfless-giving December 12, 2009

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“The Spirit of Christmas is in giving and not receiving…”

Ever wondered why this is often the slogan during Christmas season? Because it is the day where we Christians commemorate the celebration of birth of Jesus Christ, whereby God gave his Son to be bore on earth to take the punishment of the sins of mankind. Little wonder why many attribute the Christmas Spirit as the Spirit of Giving, because it started when God gave of his beloved Son to mankind.

Now that you understand the origin of Christmas, it should no longer baffle your mind in understanding why Christmas is associated with giving. Hence today, Christmas Gifts are often exchanged, displaying the spirit of giving. Although it is belittling if one were to equate Christmas to a mere exchange of gifts, yet it is undeniable that Christmas is all about giving.

Take some time off to reflect on your lives. Have we been so busy with celebrating each year’s Christmas that we forget the true spirit of Christmas? When was the last time you gave selflessly to another person? When was the last time you gave without doing a barter trade, expecting nothing in return? When was the last time you gave to people around you, despite knowing that they have no ability to return you the favor?

The Christmas Spirit- the Spirit of Giving is perhaps contrary to what our modern society teaches us. Hence, can I encourage you to make this Christmas a special one? Take some time off your hectic schedule to think of how you can surprise your spouse, appreciate your colleagues and honor your parents.

Let your appreciation be one that is not just in words but prove it in deeds. Whatever method you choose, remember to do it in the right spirit, in that selfless spirit of giving, without expecting any forms of return.

Don’t let this Christmas slip by without making it an opportunity to brighten up someone’s mundane life. More importantly, don’t let this year’s Christmas pass you by without learning the lesson on selfless giving.

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He is no fool who gives that which he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.
Jim Elliot