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Earned Success December 13, 2009

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“Try and try until you succeed.”

This has always been part of my life inspiring quotes. Try. One word, very simple to do yet it takes time to earn. Try and success play on the same field, hmm not quite but most likely relevant to each other. I remember the day when I earned one of my triumph in college, I was flabbergasted. From that day I knew it would be a sturdy time for my senior year.

But before I claimed the top spot on student government, I had my fair share of downfalls. I experience alot of rejections before. I felt like I was a cast off, superfluous, redundant, spare and I just surrendered at one point. I put my self on the shelf waiting for someone to notice me. I don’t want to array that I’m hungry of any position, and I don’t even want to play the biggest role for a neophyte like me. not just yet. I don’t want to stir any issues and make any negative impressions to the most high people. But I believe in my capabilities, that I can make a difference. I may not be the artist of a significant painting but at least I am part of a bigger picture.

The dramas, the excitement, rumors, gossip, failures, and achievements I had while Im on the position taught me 3 important values. Have the sense of Humility, even if you are wrong by someone and even you’re the reason of that disappointment. Being Reflective, is when you think first then react. And to be Contemplative, is when you contemplate on the situation that just happened, pray to be guided by God’s blessing, and then you retort. And most often than not, you succeed in doing the best thing to be done.

I never thought that after I gained my bachelor’s degree, student government would be part of my resume. But I tell you, involving yourself in student organizations in college, it is certainly a big plus. All you have is to have the sense of balance between your “student status” and your “student-leader vocation.” Remember, student first then a leader. Being labeled as a student-leader, it does make a difference between of who you are before and who you are now. And I always remained as Donhey.