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Is this what I’m waiting for? November 13, 2009

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I’ve been waiting for this to come. It’s been 6 months I waited for my dream company to call me back. Now, they did. No they didn’t call, they texted me about a vacancy of the position I am applying for and commanded to call them ASAP! With the “ASAP!” quotation, i undoubtedly rushed out from my field work and looked for Biz Depot so that I can call them. The first dial was, “toot toot toot toot” busy. After 5 minutes redialed again but it became worse, the telephone operator said, “sorry the number you dial is currently not available.” Shoot! did i miss a once in a lifetime opportunity? Did I just broke my dreams apart? Or did they make a joke on me?  I was trembling. And I asked the lady attendant in Biz Depot to dial this number to another phone unit because it always say not available, the attendant then asked me, “sir local or international?” I said, local, in manila.” Then she responded, “that’s why not available eh long distance pala sir.” I really thought that the term “local” was implying to Philippine local numbers and international calls in abroad, which for the fact, I am correct but for their term in Biz Depot, local is local numbers such as in the city alone, and calling a number outside the city meant already a long distance local call. now I understood fair and square. No questions ask.

So now after dialing the number, it rang.. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing 4x! and someone answered and the conversation goes on. My schedule for interview is on November 17. I am now uber excited for this. is this my reward after patiently waiting or should I say almost forgot about it? Did Lord God just made a new career path for me? Is this goodbye Unilever? Is this truly makes me happy?

One thing is for sure, that I am ready to take the challenge. and if this is my calling (and i hope and pray that it is) I would definitely more be happier to take it whole heartedly!

Lord, be my guide and savior for this new career. 🙂