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birthday twist December 4, 2009

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its been a happy yet sad birthday for me. i spent it with incomplete family but two of my friends were there to replenish the emptiness i felt on my birthday. no dad no sisters. only my mom was there to greet me personally and hugged and kissed me. i was emotional deep inside because i was thinking in the long run that, what if this incomplete celebration is the queue of getting preparation of future loneliness? i mean the whole family is not getting any younger and us for ourselves, the children of my parents are not on our teens anymore. we are now oblige to flock on our own to serve ourselves without depending too much on our parents even though it petrifies me to be independent but i have to do it, this is also for my own good.

okey, enough about the melancholic drama on my birthday. lets go where my birthday celebrated with a little bit of confusion. when i arrived home from manila last november 21, my friend otep texted me:

otep: don diba mag 23 naka?

don: oo tep, mag 23 nako.

otep: okies :)

if you could see the text, otep asked me if I’m turning 23? and yes, he’s right. but what made him wrong is his question. if you tried to reiterate the query, he used the suffix word “MAG” which connotes to future tense but that doesn’t mean that i am a year of what he asked.  right?

well there’s nothing we can do, the cake and the 23 candle light is already presented to me as ‘surprised!’ and it was indeed a surprised! cheers for 23 years next year! LOL 🙂

im still 22 ayt

with mommy

with otep and jen

@ candy's