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Salvacion Lim- Higgins SLIM November 12, 2009

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Preview Magazine pay homage to the Icon of Philippine Haute Couture in their November 2009 issue.


Slim’s is an acronym for the late Salvacion Lim Higgins, the icon of Philippine haute couture from the fifties onwards. The petite designer was a fashion giant when it came to her cutting–edge style. Her trademarks included her considerable skill on draping; her innovative approach to Filipiniana; and her silhouettes, stunning enough to rival fashion houses abroad.

For Slim’s, fashion was art. You could define her clothes by the yardsticks of art—line, color, and form. Gowns were sculpted on the body and took untraditional shapes, which could appear strange, yet strangely enough flattered the feminine form in ways never seen before. Unusual colors and color combinations enhanced morena, mestiza, and the occasional redhead complexions.

anne curtis preview

The Cover


The Cover that didn’t make it.

the cver that didnt make it


Best Dress Femme of the Month




you can visit Ingrid’s site at: http://www.theshowmanship.com



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