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i rocked the vote July 31, 2009

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July 30 , 2009 was a night to remember. The Rock the Vote Campaign came to Cagayan de Oro to spread the news to the youth to register in the comelec (legal age) for the upcoming elections May 2010. The Xavier University gym was jampacked with different students coming from different universities and colleges in the city, Capitol University, Liceo de Cagayan University, Mindanao University of Science and Technology, Lourdes College, Pilgrim Christian College, STI College, AMA Computer College and Xavier University. The night was full of entertainment. The crowd was serenaded by local bands such Tabularaza, K9, and Twin Chicken to name a few. Sandy David, Tj, Luke Mejares, Sponge Cola and Hale added more spice to the crowds excitement. And also some political leaders were also there to encourage the youth to register and vote, thats why Rock-the-Vote campaign was made.

rvcenter stage

rv3Father Jett welcome the political leaders

rv2Father Jett offered a healing prayer for President Cory

rv7cellphones as alternative for candles during the prayer

rv1Senator Kiko Pangilinan for Vice President 2010!

rv4Look, its Luke Mejares!

rv5SpongeCola bringing the crowd together! Super jammed yung mga people sa mga kanta ng SC!

My friend wasnt able to get a photo of Hale because they already performed late midnight. Photos courtesy of ish http://www.ishinini.multiply.com & http://www.bonaserios.com

Let’s Rock the Vote CDO!



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